Similar triangles and area: GRE Math Practice Question#60

This GRE quantitative question requires you to identify similar triangles and use this relationship to find the ratio of areas of two triangles.


ETS Releases "new" GRE Official Guides: Identical to old ones

ETS has released the 3rd edition of the Official Guide to the GRE General test. They have also released the 2nd edition of the Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions. Both of these guides are identical to the older guides. I continue to recommend these guides for practice and preparing for the GRE because they both contain official GRE questions. If you already possess the older guides, then there is no reason to buy these newer guides. If you are just starting out your GRE preparation, then look to see if you can find the older editions at lower prices and save some of your money.


Area of a framed painting: GRE Math Practice Question#59

This GRE quantitative question requires you to algebraically represent the lengths and widths in a rectangular pictures frame and translate the given condition to a quadratic equation.


Factors of a large number: GRE Math Practice Question#58

This GRE quantitative question requires you to find factors of large numbers by using basic algebraic identities.


Manipulating algebraic expressions: GRE Math Practice Question#57

This GRE quantitative comparison question tests your ability to recognize identities and to be able to manipulate algebraic expressions.