My review of GRE PowerPrep Plus Online Practice Tests

ETS the organization behind the GRE tests released a new set of two online practice tests called PowerPrep Plus in the summer of 2017. The tests can be purchased directly from ETS by logging on to their online store. You will need to use your gre account with ETS to access the store and to purchase the two online tests.

The two official practice tests are exactly identical to the actual computer-delivered GRE general test that you will be taking at a test center. The two official tests contain a completely new set of never-before-published real GRE test questions. The tests are section adaptive, meaning the dificulty of the second quantitative reasoning or verbal section will depend on how well you did in the first section. You will also receive a score and how you did relative to other students.

The tests are priced at $39.95 each, which is a bit steep for a GRE product. And although I don't like the price tag, I do recommend students to stick to the official GRE practice tests. I know a lot of the test prep outfits offer similar tests for free or at significantly lower cost, however the quality of those tests is inferior and I would instead urge students to spend the money and practice with the official PowerPrep Plus online tests. The structure and style of the quantitative reasoning questions is very close to what I see on the real GRE test, and the score you will receive on these practice tests is very close to what you will obtain on a real test. If you cannot afford these tests, then my recommendation is to at least practice with the two free online tests that are called GRE PowerPrep online tests.

I have also published video explanations to all of the math sections of the PowerPrep Plus online tests. You will find that the Section 3 Quantitative Reasoning in both Test 1 and Test 2 is identical for all students. So far I have only published the hard version of Section 5 Quantitative Reasoning, and I plan to publish the other two versions in the next couple of months.

And finally, I have summarized all the important links for you to get your online GRE practice started:


Official GRE Practice Tests: How best to use them

In the video below I detail all the options students have for using the Official GRE Practice tests. I also describe how best to stage your practice and the proper use of Official GRE tests.

The list below organizes the links to the resources mentioned in the video:


Similar triangles and area: GRE Math Practice Question#60

This GRE quantitative question requires you to identify similar triangles and use this relationship to find the ratio of areas of two triangles.


ETS Releases "new" GRE Official Guides: Identical to old ones

ETS has released the 3rd edition of the Official Guide to the GRE General test. They have also released the 2nd edition of the Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions. Both of these guides are identical to the older guides. I continue to recommend these guides for practice and preparing for the GRE because they both contain official GRE questions. If you already possess the older guides, then there is no reason to buy these newer guides. If you are just starting out your GRE preparation, then look to see if you can find the older editions at lower prices and save some of your money.


Area of a framed painting: GRE Math Practice Question#59

This GRE quantitative question requires you to algebraically represent the lengths and widths in a rectangular pictures frame and translate the given condition to a quadratic equation.